Chuadanga is a small village in Bangladesh. The size of the village is only 1158 sq kilometers. There are approximately 220000 people in Chuadanga. There is only one hospital facility. Bangladesh is under developed country and healthcare in rural village is not the best care center. Needless to say it is very difficult situation and very sad  for the people that don’t  have money

To  provide healthcare services to the most needy and deprived community people, Motaharun Nesa Maternal and Infant Care (MMIC) has been operating a modern hospital facility in Belgachi, Chuadanga since 2005. MMIC is a completely Voluntary, non-profit, and philanthropic project through which approximately 25 pregnant mothers and 25 infants get health care benefits every day. MMIC plans to build up a 50 -beded hospital building consisting of two state-of-art  operation theaters, a post-operative care unit, a 24 hour outpatient care unit, a pharmacy, a pathological lab, and a hygiene and healthcare education center.

Your contribution will definitely bring joy to a mother, and the best thing you are part of saving a newborn.   

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